Month: February 2006

Airbus A380 Fails Wing Loading Test

AVweb reports a setback in Airbus’ attempt to get the mammoth A380 certified:  Airbus is downplaying test results in which an A380 wing undergoing static testing failed slightly before the required design limit. The wings are supposed to take 1.5 times the design load limit but this one failed at 1.45 times, about 3.3 percent shy of the certification requirement.… Read more →

The 40 Year Old Virgin

It’s not just a movie anymore. Vaginal rejuvenation costs thousands of dollars and is done with a laser. It includes a variety of procedures, such as women getting their labia made smaller because it is uncomfortable for them to engage in physical activity or have intercourse, women getting their vaginal canal tightened as it was pre-baby delivery, and other women… Read more →

Luck of the Irish

I’ve had a couple of eyebrow raising moments in the cockpit over the past year.  What keeps me coming back for more — besides the fact that I just love to fly — is the notion that a fair number of aviators have been through far worse, often bizzare mechanical breakdowns like the one-in-a-billion United 232 hydraulic failure. Aside from their entertainment value, they teach a valuable lesson:… Read more →

737 Reef

I love flying and scuba diving, so it would seem only natural that I’d like this. It’s a cool idea, yet somehow still very sad.  Of course, much like Homer crying as he eats the last buffalo, I’ll still dive the wreck. I don’t know how airliners are supposed to die.  It sucks to see them cut up, parted out, melted down, sunk, or… Read more →

The Unstoppable O.C.

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) – If you want to know where real estate prices are headed in California’s Orange County, the man to talk to is Gary Watts. The Mission Viejo broker has 35 years of experience and doubles as a spokesman for the O.C.’s Association of Realtors. But it’s his track record more than his resume that has won him… Read more →

The Two Sides of Aerobatics

I just got home a few minutes ago, exhausted after spending two long days in an intensive class studying the finer points of judging competitive aerobatics. My employer sponsored this seminar, better know as a “judges school”, where those of us who are involved in the sport can satisfy one of the requirements for becoming an accredited IAC aerobatic judge.… Read more →

GlobalFlyer Return to Earth

Congratulations to the Virgin GlobalFlyer team!  Aside from a couple of blown tires, they got the ship home in one piece. After surviving a major fuel loss, some turbulence that nearly ripped his plane apart, and blowing out two tires on the landing, American adventurer Steve Fossett Saturday broke the world’s flight distance record after traveling more than 26,000 miles (about… Read more →


I launched on a night cross country flight this evening with a pilot who’s approaching his checkride date.  He’s got over 100 hours logged, largely because he’s doing his primary training in an SR22. The big question mark for me before departure was how the wildfires in the Santa Ana canyon would affect this VFR flight.  Since Dan is based out… Read more →


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