How Long Can You Tread Water?

The Experimental Aircraft Association reported today on the mounting damage totals at Corona Airport.

Tenants and businesses at the Corona (California) Municipal Airport are now four weeks post-flood and while the floodwaters have receded, the west end of the field is still without electrical power, reports EAA member Patrick Brunner.

“Many of the businesses are still not operational, having lost all tools and equipment to the waters and mud left behind,” he said. Total damages to businesses are in excess of $10 million, and there are no SBA loans or federal funding available.

To be honest, I’m surprised the total isn’t higher. Ten million bucks is a pretty small number when you consider what lives at that airport: 414 airplanes, 150 hangars, two dozen businesses, and who knows how many tools, toolboxes, spare parts, and personal belongings.

I love how EAA notes the SBA and federal funds not being available. Does anyone really think there will be any charity from a government entity for those whose livlihoods have been washed away?

The Corona Pilots’ Association is assisting with the recovery effort by providing a disaster relief fund for the businesses. Those wishing to make a tax-deductible donation can do so c/o Corona Pilots’ Association, PO Box 1212, Corona, CA 92878-1212.

As one might expect, hangars have been vacated by some tenants on the west end of the field, including at least one maintenance shop. There are probably others, but I haven’t been spending enough time out at AJO lately to really know.

Despite all the mess, the master leaseholder for my hangar has offered a free month’s rent to everyone on that end of the field. Pretty generous considering what it’s going to cost him to clean the place up. I think he’s trying to hold on to the tenants that are still there, so the credit is a smart PR move even if it temporarily hurts his bottom line.

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