Month: December 2004

ATP Total CFI Program Day 2

Title 14 CFR Part 61 requires a Certificated Flight Instructor candidate to demonstrate ‘instructional proficiency’ in spinning an aircraft. That means I not only have to be able to put the plane into a spin and recover it, but also instruct as I do so. My spin sign-off flight was scheduled for 6:30 a.m. this morning. Unfortunately it was cancelled… Read more →

ATP Total CFI Program Day 1

Greetings from Las Vegas! After talking about doing this CFI thing for so long, it’s almost odd to actually be here. The most remarkable thing about the “Total CFI” program seems to be the way the system works here. Days are long enough that one connects to another. For example, I was up at 4:30 a.m. today in order to… Read more →

Goodbye Discovery Wings

I had a feeling this was coming. Bringing viewers compelling, real-world stories of heroism, military strategy, technological breakthroughs and turning points in history, Discovery Communications, Inc. will transition its Discovery Wings Channel to the Military Channel on Monday, Jan. 10, 2005. Despite the fact that D-Wings had an annoying habit of playing the same shows over and over again, it… Read more →


The month of December starts off on a good note: One checkride down, three to go. I wish I’d have remembered to bring a camera to capture the moment. But alas, a camera was just about the last thing on my mind today. The commercial glider checkride went very smoothly. For one thing, the FAA examiner — Roger Brownlow —… Read more →


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