ATP Total CFI Program Day 4

The ground school portion of the program ended today. I’m tempted to think that this will free up a lot of time between flights to do things like study and maybe even sleep a bit. Somehow it probably won’t work out that way. The folks who are in the preceding class are currently in the second week of this 14 day program, and they look like they’ve been run over by a truck.

The DPE has assigned me a “drag demonstration” for my multi-engine instructor checkride. No, it has nothing to do wearing women’s clothing. Rather, it’s a way of demonstrating the effect different configurations and airspeeds have on single-engine performance in a twin. Anyway, I’ve put together a lesson plan and will have to “teach” this lesson to the examiner as if he were a student. I rehearsed it this evening with another pilot who’s also been assigned the drag demo for his lesson plan. He had some great ideas on how to use different color markers to keep the whiteboard from looking so cluttered. I’ve also got to pare down on what I write up there. If you write too much, it’ll be a mess. Key points only.

Due to the fact that I’m in a 15 hour multi-engine program here at ATP, I’ll actually be working on my instrument stuff before I’m done with the initial multi engine instructor certificate. A lot of balls to keep in the air. I’m starting to think that this program is not suited for everyone.

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