Month: November 2004

The Winbook

The financial markets have been on a tear lately. Those who supported President Bush will tell you that it’s all due to his electoral victory last Tuesday. But my own feeling is that the markets were just happy to have a clear winner. They probably would have performed well even with a Kerry win as long as it was unchallenged,… Read more →

Subscribe to Comments

I took a page out of Jon’s playbook and made a few minor modifications to the House of Rapp CMS code. Now, when you leave a comment, you’ll notice that there’s a checkbox titled “Subscribe to comments”. If you select this checkbox, the system will automatically notify you when someone posts a subsequent comment on that entry. This fixes one… Read more →

Election Results: The Day After

The verdict is in: I’m a genius. My election prediction came true. I correctly called both Florida and Ohio for President Bush, predicting those two would push him to victory. And so they did. I was a bit off on the popular vote, thinking Kerry would do better. My rationale was that the hard core blue states of New York… Read more →

Election Day

Election Day is here! Yeah, you bet I’m excited. I had my doubts, friends, that the day would ever come. The campaign seemed to go on and on like a mad cross between the Simpson trial and Groundhog Day. The closer we got to November 2nd the slower time seemed to go, until the hands on the clock were actually… Read more →


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