Month: December 1998

The Checkride

Have you ever given a Christmas present to yourself? I think you should. Life is too short not to indulge once in a while. For example: I gave myself a present today. I worked for it, mind you. But that made all the more satisfying. Today I took the FAA checkride for my pilot’s license. And I passed! It was… Read more →

The Bellagio

So it’s come down to the wire again. Surprise, surprise: it’s four days before Christmas, and I haven’t done any shopping yet. To be fair, I don’t need to shop for many people. And thankfully, I can put off shopping for my family because I’ll be seeing them in person at the new year and can give them their gifts… Read more →

Taking It Easy?

Usually the holidays are the busiest time of year. For everyone, yes–but for me especially. Choral music concerts are a lot of it. The Messiah, the Pacific Chorale’s annual Christmas concert, the annual Candlelight concert at the Performing Arts Center, caroling, opera rehearsals, etc. It all adds up. But this year was going to be different. I skipped all the… Read more →

Bachelor Party in Tahoe

The House of Rapp is proud to present the Martha Stewart BETTER HOMES AND GARDENSĀ® recipe for the perfect guys-only weekend: 1 bachelor – skinny, tall, able to eat 274.98 cubic meters of food in one sitting 7 friends – overworked and ready to get the hell outta Dodge 1 large van – Ford – operated at maximum velocity at… Read more →

Breaking and Entering

You know how when life gets busy, you sometimes wait until the last minute to do some time-specific thing which is really, really important? You know you shouldn’t procrastinate, but you do, so there is very little margin for error, right? And then something screws up your well-laid plans. My Juilliard application was ready to go, and it had to… Read more →


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