Month: August 1998

Sea World

It’s here, it’s here!! Vacation. I can’t believe it. I haven’t had a week-long vacation in years, and boy am I due. I’m off to a little place a like to call “nowhere”. This is gonna be a local vacation, but it might as well be in the Amazon, because as of now the pager and cellphone are off, the… Read more →

A Long-EZ and a Dream

Since I started flying again, all the old dreams about traversing the earth meeting people and experiencing different cultures while not crashing or losing an engine over the Atlantic are back. I hope to one day purchase a single engine aircraft with sufficient range to traverse the ocean make an around-the-world flight. While it does have a hazardous side, I… Read more →


Tomorrow is the fifty-third anniversary of the dropping of an atomic bomb on Nagasaki by an American B-29 bomber. Today I was browsing as I often do, and I came upon a story about an annual remembrance service which is held in Nagasaki’s Peace Park. First off, I have to say CNN is one of the best web sites… Read more →

Cable Modem

I sometimes get a bit overeager when it comes to high-tech toys, even if they are justifiable ones. A recent example is the At Home cable modem service. I’m finally getting it installed on Friday. I’ve wanted cable modem or DSL service since the first time I surfed via a T-1 line. There is just no going back once you’ve… Read more →


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