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User Fees for All

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User fees for general aviation have been proposed — and rejected — over and over again for nearly two decades. Today something new is in the works: the Federal government has decided to start with the highways instead. It makes me a bit nervous, and I can’t help but wonder whether GA will be able to make the case against those fees after the “freeway” moniker has been fully transformed into a sad anachronism.

We Pay, They Don’t

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When any President travels, it causes major heartburn for aviation businesses in his path. But when the government literally takes over an FBO, is it asking too much for Uncle Sam to pay even a fraction of the normal fees any one of us would be charged at that same facility? Apparently so.


Non-Commercial Landing Fees

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It’s a good thing everyone who flies is filthy rich, because the imposition of landing fees for small non-commercial aircraft continues, this time at Hilton Head Island Airport in South Carolina.

Better or Worse?

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Eighty two years after Jimmy Doolittle invents instrument flying, French pilots finally get access to a viable instrument rating of their own. A brief comparative look at the state of aviation in the Eurozone.