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We Don’t Train For That

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Corporate & charter flying is already pretty safe, but I believe we can do even better. Perhaps instead of focusing primarily engine failures, we ought to look at the things that are causing accidents for a particular aircraft type and add them to a database of training scenarios which can be enacted in the simulator without prior notice. In other words, more teaching and less testing.

Crappy Sunglasses

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I manage to lose sunglasses in the most creative ways possible. I can give you several examples… but there’s one story which really takes the proverbial cake.

G-IV Type Rating, Day 21

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Twenty two days after arriving in Dallas, the Big Day is here! Did I squeak through… or go down in a blaze of glory? I give the answer, and some final thoughts about the Gulfstream IV PIC initial type rating course.


G-IV Type Rating, Day 20

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The final push — day two of the dress rehearsal. We work on abormals and single engine approaches, and I discover something worse than failing: causing my sim partner to fail.


G-IV Type Rating, Day 19

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As we get closer to the end of the program, the teaching stops and the testing begins today with the first half of a dress rehearsal for the checkride.