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“Am I Nervous?”: An Aerobatic First Solo

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A student of mine does triple duy as pilot, videographer, and narrator on his first aerobatic solo flight.

Taming the Beast

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My most memorable flight? There are many to choose from, but one of the most indelible was soloing a Pitts biplane for the first time in the unexpectedly high winds of the desert southwest. Here’s how it happened.

Constant Speed Propeller Maintenance

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Physical failure of a prop blade or hub in flight is far more likely to kill you than an engine failure. So why do many pilots ignore the relatively infrequent maintenance needed by their constant-speed propeller?

Aviation Myths, Part 3

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The three-part series on aviation myths concludes with: stall/spins, flying difficulty, bank angle in the pattern, and are aerobatics dangerous?

Best Bang for the Buck

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What if one of the most fun airplanes you could ever own was also one of the least expensive? Well get out your checkbook boys — it’s not fantasy, it’s the Pitts S-1 biplane.