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The Key to Good IFR: More VFR

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The most common landing procedure used by IFR airplanes is the visual approach. It’s fast, efficient, and simple. So why did the crew of Asiana 214 have such a hard time with it on a good clear day? Because quality IFR flying starts with a solid VFR background — and VFR flying is something ab initio pilots see very little of.

“Unable”: Your Ace in the Hole

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Father may always know best, but air traffic controllers don’t. Yet 14 CFR 91.123 requires compliance with all ATC instructions. So when you’re asked to do something kooky, what do you do?

Circle-to-Land Complications

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The FAA is adding new circling radii for some (but not all) approaches. Sounds good on paper, but I can foresee some unintended consequences that might not be too pleasant.

IPC as a Flight Review?

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I’m often asked if an Instrument Proficiency Check can double as a flight review. Unfortunately, it can’t. Here’s why.

Visual Descent Point Hazards

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Visual Descent Points were designed to increase flight safety, but despite being “visual” when using them, there may be some nasty things out there that you can’t see.