Month: September 2004

Poker Night

It seems I’m one of the few people in the northern hemisphere that doesn’t play poker on a regular basis. It’s more for a lack of time than invitations or interest. Some folks get pretty serious about the game. Dan has his own Yahoo group for poker nights, and even went so far as to build a table — the… Read more →

What’s the Forgery, Kenneth?

Dan Rather and CBS News have jumped the shark. Or should I say, started to jump it and then thought it would be better to land directly in the shark’s mouth. As if it’s not bad enough that they put this story on the air when it was clearly forged, Rather just made an appearance on CNN where he expressed… Read more →

Rep. Anthony Weiner Gives GA the Finger

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) is a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he sits on the Aviation and Highways Subcommittees. How ironic it is, then, that he knows absolutely nothing about general aviation except that it’s imperative it be eliminated immediately. On the third anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, Rep. Weiner made an attack of his… Read more →


Many in this presidential campaign have taken to using the word “extremist” to describe anyone with an opposing political view. In print, on the web, in casual conversation, the word pops up all the time. It’s getting old. Fast. For example: Pro life? Then Kerry’s an extremist who’s killed millions of people. Didn’t vote for Bush? The he’s an extremist… Read more →


Ah, Sunday. And what a lovely day it was, flying the Stearman round and round the pattern, landing on the grass, two-pointing it on the pavement, and generally spending a September afternoon the way God intended: in a sixty year old, tube-and-fabric, radial engine, open cockpit biplane. From turning the prop through a dozen times by hand to hearing that… Read more →

We’ll All Be Democrats

Like the man said in Ecclesiastes, there is a time for everthing under the sun. Including putting politics aside. I sent this message to President Clinton today: Dear Mr. President, I was saddened to hear about your upcoming heart bypass surgery and wanted to wish you well as you face this medical challenge. I’m not a Democrat and I never… Read more →

A Simple Mistake?

I was saddened to hear yesterday that President Clinton will be undergoing heart bypass surgery. It’s amazing that Ford and Carter are still going strong while the relatively young Clinton is suffering from advanced heart disease. President Ford is nearly 92 years old, whereas Clinton just turned 58! Someone should do a study comparing time in office and post-White House… Read more →

And We’re Off!

I was impressed with President Bush’s acceptance speech this evening. I’d never describe the guy as a master Toastmaster (probably because that sounds really gay), but his delivery has improved tremendously since the 2000 campaign. I didn’t even notice that the he spoke for more than an hour. President Bush is still no Bill Clinton when it comes to speechifying,… Read more →

Trouble in Kerryville

CNN is reporting that top donors, strategists, and Democratic party leaders are describing the Kerry campaign as “adrift” and urging a staff shakeup before Labor Day. If not, said one party strategist, “it could be too late.” Sources say major changes could come at the campaign’s highest level. The concern, according to these sources, is that Kerry has failed to… Read more →


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