Month: August 2006

Glider Reaches 50,699 Feet

Steve Fossett strikes again: The 62-year-old Chicago investment mogul said he and Norwegian co-pilot Einar Enevoldson, 74, rode powerful rising air currents above the remote Patagonia region on Tuesday, reaching a record 50,699 feet. If Fossett isn’t careful, he’s going to end up like Alexander the Great, standing on the edge of the aviation world and weeping because there are… Read more →

The Greasy Spoon

Sam got me thinking about good places for a pilot to grab a bite around Southern California. I was going to add a comment to his entry, but it soon exceeded the length of his original post, proving once again that Socal cannot be beat for flying destinations (or weather, but you knew that right?).  Upon reflection, it also became… Read more →


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