Month: July 2006

Airbus A380 Crisis

The hits just keep on coming for Airbus. As if lost sales and slipping delivery dates weren’t enough to worry about, the EADS subsidiary lost two top executives today:  the CEO of the company, and the guy who ran the Airbus division. Humbert said the delays to the A380 had been a “major disappointment for our customers, our shareholders and… Read more →

Air Traffic Controllers

My last missive may have come off as a bit dismissive about air traffic controllers.  So in a contrapuntal vein, I offer the story of Phil Aune, the nation’s (and probably the world’s) oldest air traffic controller. VAN NUYS – The nation’s oldest air traffic controller made his final approach Thursday from the world’s busiest general-aviation airport. Phil Aune, 70,… Read more →


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