Month: July 2005

Beans on Toast

They say that those who are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it. All I could think of when listening to the news this morning was that whoever’s behind this has quite obviously never cracked open a textbook. Think about it. The IRA had no success in forcing England’s hand even after two solid decades of this sort of… Read more →

Fourth of July

Lesley and I enjoyed a great 4th of July yesterday. Our schedules rarely mesh these days — she works Monday through Friday and I’m on from Wednesday through Sunday — so it was a welcome treat to have a whole day together. We started with a picnic at Irvine Regional Park. There were quite a few people around, but I… Read more →

The Latest

Just added about 100 new photos to the gallery: L.A. Gold Cup aerobatic contest – photos courtesy of Katherine DeBaun. It was a great learning experience. For example, I learned never EVER to book a hotel room facing the highway. I also learned never to trust Gray’s judgement when it comes to bars. Oy. Northern California Aerobatic Challenge, better known… Read more →


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