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A Skosh of Paranoia

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You’ll hear all sorts of advice on emergent situations. Some say never rush into anything, others will tell you immediate, decisive action is invaluable. It would be lovely if there was a single “best strategy” for every situation, but like many things in the world of aviation, there are times when one of those responses can save your bacon… and just as many when it might get you killed. The real key is knowing which is which.

SR22 Delivery Flight

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A select few among us still have the opportunity to hop a miserable flight in the aluminum tube and take delivery of a brand new airplane just as it rolls off the final assembly line. I made just such a trip recently, and that “new airplane” smell really is intoxicating.

When Glass Breaks

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Odd electrical gremlins lead to partial panel flight in an SR-22

I Love Days Like This

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Recent flights prompt some thoughts about the weather. The rain has been welcome on the ground, but in the air, it’s making life challenging for pilots.