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A Skosh of Paranoia

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You’ll hear all sorts of advice on emergent situations. Some say never rush into anything, others will tell you immediate, decisive action is invaluable. It would be lovely if there was a single “best strategy” for every situation, but like many things in the world of aviation, there are times when one of those responses can save your bacon… and just as many when it might get you killed. The real key is knowing which is which.

The Key to Good IFR: More VFR

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The most common landing procedure used by IFR airplanes is the visual approach. It’s fast, efficient, and simple. So why did the crew of Asiana 214 have such a hard time with it on a good clear day? Because quality IFR flying starts with a solid VFR background — and VFR flying is something ab initio pilots see very little of.

Gulfstream G650 Accident Report

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The Gulfstream G650 accident report has been published by the NTSB. While they strongly point the finger at Gulfstream, after reading the full accident docket, the takeaway for me is that given the kind of testing required by the FAA, it’s a wonder accidents don’t happen more often.

Vmc Rollover

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This video of a Beech Queen Air crash in the Philippines is a reminder to every multi-engine pilot that Vmc is called “red line” for a reason and should not be trifled with.

Air France Flight 447 Analysis

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A look at the CVR and FDR data from the Air France flight 447 accident shows that the airplane was stalled and held in that stall all the way to the ground. Were the pilots unaware, or had their training simply taught them that the venerable A330 could not be stalled?