The House of Rapp

Expectation Bias

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A massive Boeing Dreamlifter recently landed at the wrong airport in Wichita. As a pilot, by definition I live in a glass house and will therefore refrain from throwing stones. But the incident does provide a good opportunity to review the perils of what’s known as “expectation bias”, because this phenomenon can bite hard — if you let it.

The “Opinion Leaders”

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Kids still hang out at the airport fence… but that fence is now digital, and goes by names like “Facebook” or “Twitter. Social media is here to stay, and AOPA has jumped in with a new collaborative blog entitled “Opinion Leaders”.

Taming Tailwheels

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AOPA just published an article and video about some tailwheel flying I did with Managing Editor Alyssa Miller to complete her tailwheel endorsement.

AOPA Summit

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I recently spent three days as an exhibitor at the AOPA Summit convention in Palm Springs, and the perspective was a bit different from the other side of the booth.