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  1. Aircraft Crash Videos (21,172 views)

    Aircraft crash and incident videos I've gathered from various places on the internet. This is a perennial favorite, if my server logs are any indication.

  2. Aviation Scholarships (10,802 views)

    Okay, so you want to pursue flight training but the funds just aren't there. Wouldn't it be great if someone appeared out of thin air with the money you need to achieve your goal? It's not as far-fetched as you might think...

  3. C-130 Bird Strike (8,931 views)

    C-130 goes mano-a-mano against an Eagle. The result? See the photos for yourself.

  4. No Apologies (8,552 views)

    Aviators can be an ambitious lot. We want to go places (no pun intended), and feel like we should always be progressing toward larger airplanes, new ratings, more hours. Sometimes I'll hear an aviator speak in apologetic terms about their flying because they "only" fly this or that. Whether the...

  5. A Ball of Blue (8,230 views)

    NATS, the British ATC entity, recently published a video modeling a day's air traffic over southern England. It's an impressive technical achievement, but it left me feeling sad about what's missing from the skies over there.

  6. Gulfstream G650 Accident Report (7,867 views)

    The Gulfstream G650 accident report has been published by the NTSB. While they strongly point the finger at Gulfstream, after reading the full accident docket, the takeaway for me is that given the kind of testing required by the FAA, it's a wonder accidents don't happen more often.

  7. Team Aerodynamix (7,038 views)

    Physical ability is less important that good judgment when it comes to flying... but there's no denying the impressive skill of groups like Team Aerodynamix. Take a look at this video and I think you'll be hard pressed to disagree.

  8. The Red Rocket (6,817 views)

    I suppose every pilot has a catalog of "dream aircraft" they'd like to fly before their gravity-defying days are over. My bucket list includes a quirky looking homebuilt called the Questair Venture. The Venture conjures up a unique set...

  9. A Starship in the Wild (6,605 views)

    When I was a kid in the 1980s, Beech represented some of the most exciting and cutting-edge stuff in the world of flying. For example, the much anticipated -- and highly unsuccessful -- Starship. We came across one recently in the mountains of Colorado, and to my eyes it still looks as sweet as...

  10. Aircraft Tire Pressure (6,395 views)

    Tires are probably the least sexy part of an aircraft: a ball of hot, stinky, greasy rubber. it's also the airframe component which absorbs the most punishment, so they deserve a little attention every now and then.

  11. About (6,386 views)

    A bit about myself, my flying career, and the history of this web site.

  12. Gyroscopic Precession (6,072 views)

    Gyroscopic precession is not well-understood by most aviators... unless they're aerobatic pilots, that is.

  13. Big Brother is Watching (6,004 views)

    As pilots, it's worth remembering that virtually all aircraft contain computerized devices, even if they're just portable ones. They're everywhere, and they record things that can come back to haunt us later.

  14. Learning to Fly -- Without An Instructor? (5,911 views)

    Just how important is the instructor when it comes to learning to fly? That might be a surprising question for an CFI to ask, but the longer I teach, the more cognizant I become of the many ways in which an instructor can function as a barrier to the student's progress. And apparently I'm not the...

  15. Photos (5,358 views)

    I love photography! This page highlights some favored images from my life and travels as seen through the Instagram app.

  16. Archive (5,147 views)

    This is a complete reverse chronological archive of all posts at the House of Rapp going back to May of 1997.

  17. Martin Mars (4,820 views)

    Photos of some very impressive fire fighting done with the world's largest operational flying boat, the Martin Mars.

  18. Passengers: Keeping Things Interesting (4,742 views)

    When it comes to cataloging the intriguing travelers one has encountered over the years, few people can rival the improbably tall tales spun by pilots. Obviously it's important to maintain confidentiality in this business, but by removing all identifying information and changing some details, a few...

  19. Jet Blue 292 (4,646 views)

    Were the pilots of Jet Blue 292 heroes? The media seems to think so. I, on the other hand, make the case that they were not heroes, just aviators doing the exact thing they'd been trained year after year to do.

  20. A Skosh of Paranoia (4,620 views)

    You'll hear all sorts of advice on emergent situations. Some say never rush into anything, others will tell you immediate, decisive action is invaluable. It would be lovely if there was a single "best strategy" for every situation, but like many things in the world of aviation, there are times...

  21. The Key to Good IFR: More VFR (4,584 views)

    The most common landing procedure used by IFR airplanes is the visual approach. It's fast, efficient, and simple. So why did the crew of Asiana 214 have such a hard time with it on a good clear day? Because quality IFR flying starts with a solid VFR background -- and VFR flying is something...

  22. Constant Speed Propeller Maintenance (4,493 views)

    Physical failure of a prop blade or hub in flight is far more likely to kill you than an engine failure. So why do many pilots ignore the relatively infrequent maintenance needed by their constant-speed propeller?

  23. The Unintentional Aerobat (4,356 views)

    Do you think it's possible to fly aerobatics without awareness of it? Not only is it possible -- it's quite common. I've seen it done in every kind of airplane, from little Cubs to large-cabin Gulfstreams.

  24. Acceptable Risk (3,958 views)

    Dutch pilot Jaap Rademaker recently landed his Foxbat A-22 on the deck of a new kind of cargo ship which features a completely flat top deck. The resulting video has been making the rounds on the internet, and was recently <a...

  25. Southwest Airlines Midway Overrun Photos (3,844 views)

    Photos of the Southwest Airlines overrun incident at Midway Airport, along with an interesting story about political restrictions on Chicago airspace that came about as a result.

  26. Motoart Under the Tree (3,828 views)

    The Christmas season is upon us, and while it's doubtful I deserve much more than a lump of coal, that hasn't stopped me from salivating over a piece of aviation art from a Torrance-based company called Motoart.

  27. Flying is Not Driving (3,741 views)

    The mid-century era was a wonderful time for design, architecture, and even aviation. Unfortunately, it was also the top of a slippery slope in pilot proficiency which just happens to have coincided with a proliferation of nosewheel designs... and a maddening late 50's advertising campaign by...

  28. Year of the Tailwheel (3,371 views)

    My wife and I just returned from a fun and relaxing flight along the Southern California coastline in a vintage 1947 Stinson Voyager. It was a perfect start to what will hopefully be a safe and prosperous new year. It also got me thinking about what would make this trip around the sun a positive...

  29. Crappy Sunglasses (3,349 views)

    I manage to lose sunglasses in the most creative ways possible. I can give you several examples... but there's one story which really takes the proverbial cake.

  30. Teaching a Homeless Man to Fly (3,287 views)

    A fellow pilot recently wrote about teaching a homeless man to fly. His post reminded me that I once did the same thing, and in the process learned a valuable lesson about how we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to achieving long-held goals.