The House of Rapp

Circling the Pacific

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He’s off again! This time it’s a west bound trip as we circle the Pacific Ocean in first-class, Gulfstream style with stops in Alaska, Japan, and Hawaii.

A Weekend in Yosemite

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Summer is here, and what better way to start than spending a long weekend exploring the Yosemite Valley! It’s not flying, but the view is almost as good.

The City of Lights

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They call Paris the ‘City of Light’, but the most memorable part of this visit was spent underground in the dark.

Low and Slow

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Flying’s always an adventure — especially when it’s a coast-to-coast trip in a light aircraft!

Sunstone Winery

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A friend and I get the royal treatment at Sunstone Winery, the boutique vineyard with the tiny little shack on the hill.